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About Interpolar

Driven by the past, looking for a future.


Interpolar is a Label focused on collaborating with like-minded artists to embrace a diverse rave culture. Founded by locals, the label is seeking to connect the myriad styles of the electronic-music genre.

Aspiring to provide sanctuary for young artists far apart from day-to-day paragons, Interpolar embraces young artists to reflect their unique style. Entitling their artists to evolve, change and dare each other towards a yet unexplored inspiration.

Interpolar is on the constant lookout to provide plenty of new opportunities to dance and celebrate in a sheltered environment which is shaped on the base of tolerance and acceptance. With the Escalator event series we premiered in the local scene and welcomed various local dancers and techno enthusiasts. We are working on establishing numerous event series, with some being more and others being less frequent.

Our recurrent Podcast Series is determined to deliver the latest of Interpolar artists right to your doorstep. We promise energetic techno sets, uncompromising industrial sorcery as well as spaced out house music or experimental beats which reflect the work of our residents or hand picked artists.

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